Our Approach

We’re governed by practices which allow for genuine co-creation and partnerships, not just co-design. And as Pacific leader and CEO of Kami Pasifiki Consulting Taholo Kami says, “this requires time and trust – for which there are no shortcuts“. 

Participatory development is at the centre of everything we do. But what does that even mean, you ask? Great question: 

We’re community-led wherever possible 

We create safe environments where the communities we aim to support can lead the products and services we build together. This means engaging with communities from a strength-based perspective and with a sense of curiosity and respect for their knowledge, expertise and culture.

We’re better together 

We leverage our network of committed practitioners, organisations and funders to form strategic partnerships with the right people for sustainable impact.

Our solutions are evidence-based

Through ongoing community engagement, we gather evidence to learn what works and what doesn’t. Qualitative evidence helps us equip communities with the tools for self-empowerment that allow people to live in good health and with dignity.

Our community engagement is non-extractive 

We understand that capacity building is a two-way street. We’re committed to interrogating our assumptions in an effort to decolonise our processes and ways of thinking.