About the project

With support from Humanitech, Red Cross Australia x Telstra Foundation’s technology for humanity initiative, we’ve developed MamaTalk.

MamaTalk is the second application in the Solinary suite of multilingual health communications. Following community research throughout 2021-22, we identified a need for culturally informed, in-language information for maternal health via smartphone.

Available now via Google Play & Apple App Store for Arabic speaking women in Australia.

Key insights

The MamaTalk pilot has just wrapped, so we’ll share more shortly, but here are a couple of insights from the development research and pilot kick off:

Representation, representation, representation
Not something you can really build an app for, but our research has all clearly indicated the importance of diversity of healthcare workers to improve the experience of accessing and receiving healthcare for culturally diverse community members.

A mother’s health extends beyond maternal health
Maternal health for women from non-English speaking backgrounds needs to consider a broader context of structural barriers in accessing healthcare and engaging with government services. A woman’s journey through pregnancy and parenthood should acknowledge factors like transport, childcare, poor previous experiences, trauma history, and social isolation.

Women are incredible
We already knew that, but it’s always good when we can formally contribute to the evidence base.

What’s next?

With the pilot wrapped and the evaluation ready for release, we are looking for more partners to join us as we scale content and languages. For more information regarding the pilot evaluation, or to discuss partnerning opportunities, please get in touch.


Pregnancy and postpartum support for Mamas everywhere

Funding Partners:



Birth for Humankind
4th Trimester
Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health